Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

Earthquake Prep With James Roddey (Part 7)

It time I'm you know it's only within about the last twenty to twenty-five years or so that we even realized we had the potential for these great great earthquakes with the first generation in modern history. that actually understands the risks and consequences uh living through responding to and preparing for one of these great magnitude-9 earthquakes that's going to shake the whole Pacific Northwest. How well we prepare for and respond to this earthquake will literally define us as a people in the Pacific Northwest and that sounds kinda silly but think about New Orleans.

When you say the word Katrina that literally defines New Orleans and will define New Orleans for the next 100 years. and what happened in New Orleans is a harbinger is literally the same thing that could happen here.

'Earthquake Preparedness,' Part 7 of 7 (Clackamas County Sheriff's Office)

Accept it will affect ten times more people think about how you felt when you saw the images coming out of haiti. After that magnitude seven earthquake literally flattened tens of thousands a building strapping hundreds of thousands of people think about even. How you felt when use all the BP oil spill in the Gulf. You thought and I thought how could they let this happen well we know in advance. We know right now that we've got the potential for one of these great earthquakes it sure seems like we need to one get prepared and help others understand that this is gonna happen of that.

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