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Earthquake Prep With James Roddey (Part 5)

I'm okey, are you ready for the big one ?. You start with a plan part of the plan is putting the emergency kit together you put the plan together. It's good for any type of disaster a catastrophe that you might become a victim up I mean if it snows an inch in Portland we're all stuck for days and days we're trapped we become victims. 
Earthquake Prep With James Roddey (Part 5)

'Earthquake Preparedness,' Part 5 of 7 (Clackamas County Sheriff's Office)

But if you put the plan together if you put the kit together and and were talking about food and water and medicine and some sort of identification and putting all over your valuable papers mortgage insurance on a disk. On a little flash drive and keeping them in a safe place, stocking up on the essentials putting some money aside.

You know if we don't have power for a couple weeks it may be the grocery stores are still open but they can only take cash. If you got camping here you're already on your way to putting together an emergency kit the same things you use camping would go on to an emergency kit I've got my little camp still in a central location along with you know the sleeping bags and the tense and the extra food and the you know.  

The dehydrated food that you might get a camping store arm the extra flashlights extra clothes are all of the essentials that you might need a water filter instead of trying to put gallons and gallons a waterway you can go basically two any body of water stick your water filter into it and you have gallons and gallons of water anytime you need it. Are maybe collapsible water jugs that's not a bad idea of the

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