Selasa, 12 Juli 2016

Student Learns Lesson in Responsibility

Every once in a while, Cross Blog gets a hot tip from our fans. This time it's a very special note, received by instructor Becky Vogely:

    Dear Ms. Vogely,

    I took your babysitting class and I am the one who put the shower on [a chemical eye-wash shower in a classroom -- Becky had to clean up the mess]. I am so, so sorry about that and I feel terrible.

    Babysitting is all about responsibility and I was not the least bit responsible. A way to make it up to you would be to give back the babysitting

    card [she did] and take the class again, and this time I'll make better choices.

    Thanks for everything you've done. I am so sorry.

The girl who took the class is right; being responsible -- for yourself or others -- is key. Looks like she learned some good lessons.

If you want to take a babysitting class (and maybe meet this girl yourself), you can find out more here.

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