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February 9, 2012

Scientific and Humanitarian Lessons from The Haiti and Japan Earthquakes

Our friends (and partners) at OMSI have piqued our collective Red Cross interest again with February 22nd's Science Pub Portland topic! "Scientific and Humanitarian Lessons from The Haiti and Japan Earthquakes" promises to be an elucidating and relevant lecture, held in the comfort of the Mission Theatre.  For more information and the address, visit: http://www.omsi.edu/node/1007

Grab a drink and a snack and get ready for a discussion about the scientific processes that led to these disasters as well as an overview of the overwhelming global humanitarian response. 
Dr. Wayne Pennington will also discuss how lack of public awarenesss or disaster preparedness magnified the Haitian earthquake's and Japanese tsunami's effects - and how this danger lurks globally for ill-prepared areas. 

Pretty relevant stuff, given that we are due for an enormous earthquake and ensuing tsunami in our little corner of the world! 
Red Cross also has a wealth of information on disaster preparedness; you can visit oregonredcross.org to learn about preparedness, schedule a class or presentation, buy safety products and print materials, and learn about blood donation.  As always, we love to remind you to "Be prepared for anything!" 

Photo courtesy of mcmenamins.com

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