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August 11, 2009

Meet The Scrub Club

We've talked before about the importance of preventing the spread of influenza (and many other viruses) by washing your hands. And now, with H1N1 and flu season upon us, it's more important than ever to make sure your kids have learned proper washing hygiene.

Sure, you can sing a song, but you can also introduce your kiddos to the Scrub Club.

From Chill to Taki, these characters will walk you through the steps of handwashing in a fun way. Should you wet your hands with iced tea? Dry them on your dog? Apply applesauce? Suffice it to say, if you pick these answers, the Scrub Club team will politely point you in the right direction, reminding you that applesauce goes better with pork chops than on your hands.

And, oh, how I swoon for Big E (aka E.Coli), the "rott 'n roll" star! But if you're not a fan, you can always play a match game and send him back to Grossland where he belongs. And Gel-Mo? Don't get me started.

Honestly, this is the cutest way I can think of to master the art of handwashing. And, as a kid at heart, I had a good time playing the games.

Pass http://www.scrubclub.org/ along to others; now's the season to get started with good habits!


Nate Warren said...

Lise, I'm going to tease you endlessly about your love for Big E, the Elvis-looking germ buddy.

TaraTrullinger said...

I can't call hand sanitizer anything but Gel-Mo now.

Scrub Club is awesome. Should each blogger pick a scrub club member to be? Lise is P.T. I want to be "Chill," even though Chill looks like a boy.

Lise Harwin said...

Nate, who doesn't love Elvis? I've totally been to Graceland. It's awesome.

And Tara, I'm only P.T. because she has bangs. But she does look like a good match for Squeaks and I think he's cute... <3

Nate Warren said...

Dibs on the dude with the hat, simply because I'm always down for a smoothie.

Robin Parker said...

I wanna be Squeaks because:

1. I totally used to have hair like him (except mine was even blonder).

2. I have glasses envy.

3. Squeaks is an awesome name.

TaraTrullinger said...

I completely do not believe that Robin had blonde hair. Photo proof?